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paper covered (insulated) wires

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paper covered (insulated) wires

paper covered (insulated) wires (P.C.W.)
Single/Multiple paper covered conductors
Single strip paper covered conductor is the winding wire made of a bare wire of copper or aluminum, or an enameled wire covered with special insulation materials. Multiple paper covered conductors are the winding wires made of several single P.C.W. or enameled rectangular wires which arranged according to requirements, then covered with special insulation materials.
Single/Multiple paper covered conductors are mainly employed to wind coils for power transformers, electric reactors and distribution transformers.
Major Production Types:
Paper covered rectangular/round wire
Multiple paper covered conductors
Paper covered enameled wire
Multiple paper covered enameled wires
paper covered special insulated wire
Multiple paper covered special insulated wires etc..
All the above productions could be manufactured according to specifications provided by customers.
Insulation materials
Electric Kraft paper, high density insulation paper, thermally upgraded insulation paper, high stretch fiber paper, Nomex paper, imported micro crepe paper(Dennison paper) etc..
Insulation’s thickness and number of layers: any thickness and number of layers can be wrapped.
Customer could specify insulation’s brand, type and specification.