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CTC Introduction:
Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTC) is one of Gold Cup Winding Wires key products, it is an important material for transformer winding. It has the advantage of high utilization of space, low eddy current loss, high mechanical strength, less time to wind etc.. It is mainly used in manufacturing the winding of power transformers, reactors and traction transformers.
CTC  Features:
Gold Cup Winding Wires is specialized in manufacturing copper and aluminum CTC, and its CTC has following advantages:
Precision product overall dimension
Short pitch transposition
Moderate wrapping tightness
The continuous length without joint is more than 4000m.

Major Production Types:
Paper insulated Polyvinyl acetal enameled CTC
Paper insulated Polyvinyl acetal enameled and self-adhesive CTC
Paper insulated Polyvinyl acetal enameled and self-adhesive (semi hard) CTC
Polyvinyl acetal enameled CTC with mesh bag binding
155 grade modified polyester enameled(semi hard) CTC with polyester fiber non-woven tape insulation
180 grade polyesterimide enameled CTC with aromatic polyamide paper insulation
200 grade polyester polyimide/polyamide composite enameled CTC with aromatic polyamide paper insulation
Composite CTC with step
Composite CTC with screen wire inside
Polyvinyl acetal enameled CTC with PET film insulation
All the above productions could be manufactured according to specifications provided by customers.
Technical Parameters:
CTC strips: 5-96 (odd)
Dimension of single conductor:
Thickness:1.00 ~3.15mm   tolerance ± 0.01mm
Width: 3.00~12.50mm   tolerance ± 0.02mm
Insulation materials
Gold Cup Winding Wires selects domestic and international high-quality insulating materials, including Electric Kraft paper, high density insulation paper, thermally upgraded insulation paper, high stretch fiber paper, Nomex paper, PET film etc..
Methods of wrapping:
Butt wrap, overlap wrap, interlock wrap, open lapping, 50% half overlap wrap
Customers could specify insulation’s brand, type and specification.


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